What is EduDaan?

EduDaan seeks the support from private schools in Bengaluru to run a fund raising campaign through its students to raise money for the government school. This campaign will be " for the students of government schools, by the students of private schools"

What is the role of Private Schools?

With an abundance of resources in many of the private schools, the education facilities are many times more sophisticated than that of the government schools. Hence the children studying at private schools are ensured of a system that allows them to learn using the required learning materials such as e-learning tools, playgrounds, equipped science labs and facilities even as primary as clean toilets and drinking water. Since most of the government schools do not have that privilege, for of a number of reasons, children studying there never have the opportunity to experience an enhanced way of learning which is competitive enough for their secured future. 

Therefore, some of the private schools have joined hands with EduDaan to provide that experience to the students. The children at private schools carry small papermade hundi boxes and collect funds from their friends, family and networks and pool into one large amount which is dedicated to one government school near their school area. Not only that, the students and teachers get to interact with those at government schools and understand the gap better, creating a good rapport of inter-learning and support.

What is the role of corporates?

Corporates often have their own activities under the new CSR bill. However, some of them want to reach out beyond the regulations and involve themselves into the community as an effort to bring about direct impact.

EduDaan is a good example for this. Many corporates in Bengaluru have come together to partner with the private schools near them to support and enhance the facilities of the government schools in their area - uplifting the standards of educational experience amongst the government school kids. This will very soon expand to Delhi and other cities.

What is the role of implementation partners?

To undertake all the activities and to ensure that the implementation stage runs without major hiatus, EduDaan has a few partners (mostly Civil Society Organisations) who have expertise in one or more of the areas of support, that the project extends. India Cares is the enabling partner, facilitating and monitoring the project while Bal Utsav has been the implementation partner for the Bengaluru campaign.

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